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[61752] Liberal women are sluts

Pump & dump them at your own peril. But whatever you do: Don't marry them, don't live with them, & don't have kids with them

Liberal women sleep around, so they are walking urinals & carry STDs. They ride the cock carousel in their late teens through their 20s. Liberal women will marry then take your shit. Liberal women are heavy drinkers & do drugs, all of which are signs of a warped personality. Children of Liberal women end up becoming omegas, thugs, & damaged goods.

So if a woman is a Liberal, STAY AWAY. RUN. Better to leave the bitch to die alone than to fuck yourself, your hard work, & your kids to a loveless manipulative cunning heartless bitch.

Posted 4 days ago

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  • Hey. I agree.

    You'll eventually find your way, don't worry.

    As for those whores? You've said it, and already know. I see that with my ex's, and I'm sure it's the same with yours.
    Posted 3 days agoReport
  • i like sluts
    Posted 3 days agoReport
  • This is the stupidest shit I've ever read.

    You're a fucking moron.
    Posted 2 days agoReport

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