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[61710] Dear white trashionalists and evanjizzsickles

Please do the world a favor and die off. Your weak and pathetic genetics won't last much longer if not for your jewish slave masters needing you to kill off their Muslim victims for them. Why don't you try attacking someone who could actually defend themselves, instead of bombing unarmed civilians in third world Muslim majority countries like Syria, Palestine, Yemen, Iraq, and Afghanistan. If you white trashionalists/evanjizzsickle kkkristian kkkult members weren't the kkkowards that the rest of the world knows you to be, you wouldn't be working hand in hand with assad's pedophiles, putin's communist kremlin, and the zionist jews of isrel to terrorize people who did nothing to you.

White trashionalists are the lowest forms of kkkowards on the planet and I would love to see you kkkowards actually fight an enemy who could defend themselves, like the non-Muslim gang members in the U.S. Something tells me these black and hispanic gangs would destroy your right wing alex jones kkkontrolled militias and daddy donawd twump wouldn't bail you out of such a jam. You trolls have literally no lives and your pathetic attempts to turn this site into your zionist white trashionalist stormfront will not go unchallenged.

Posted 4 days ago

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  • Muslims kill more Muslim than anyone else,
    Posted 4 days agoReport
  • Think this person just likes how Muslims get to treat women as property
    Posted 4 days agoReport
  • ^^Muslims kill less of each other than any other group does. Muslims don't treat women as property, evangejizzsickle kkkloset homosexuals and white trashionalists in bikkker gangs treat women as sex slaves just as their ancestors used to debate whether women even had a soul or not.
    Posted 4 days agoReport
  • You libtards are truly blind & ignorant.

    Don't worry, the Muslims will get rid of everybody---including scum like you. Unlike Christians, they don't "turn the other cheek". If you are a queer, they'll either hang you or drop you off a 10 story building. And if you're a feminist, they'll beat the crap out of you.

    Posted 3 days agoReport

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Are white trashionalists and evanjizzsickles closet homosexuals