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[61698] sister in law frustration

My Brother and Sister in Law ring up and ask if we could have the kids for a couple of hours while they go to the movies, but we had to decline this time because we had people coming over for dinner.

A few hours later after our guests left I decide to chill and go on Facebook and there I see my Sister in Law bitching about us not having the kids for like the fourth or fifth weekend in a row!.

She basically said "at least I know I can count on MY family to have my kids" ... Oh I'm so sorry that we have lives that don't revive around you and can't have your children when it's convenient for you!.

I'm not exactly sure how often HER family have the children but last time I saw my Brother and Sister in Law my 3yr old Niece had been at her it her aunt's for four days so far .. my Brother and Sister in Law didn't have to go anywhere or really do anything so why y he he'll had she been there for that long?!.

I mean I get that the children can be a handful and Mum and Dad need some kid free time but still! almost every weekend!? It's a joke! and mind you my Brother and Sister in Law both don't work or have their licence so that's pretty much the only time we hear from them is to either have the children or get a lift somewhere and we're expected to drop everything otherwise we get guilt tripped and they're pissed at us because they don't get what they want.

It's not like we don't want to have the children or we don't love them or care about them because we do but it's frustrating as hell when you have hopeless parents who at every opportunity will palm their children off to the nearest sucker then you have my Sister In Law on Facebook one minute saying "love my kids for the world" yet at any given opportunity would spend days without them and saying they do her head in!?.

Is that why your children can't still really speak properly at ages 3 and 4? or the fact that they're STILL both in nappies!? or in her three years of life a couple of weeks ago was the first ever haircut your daughter had? ... or when we have them most of the time their faces are mostly grotty from having food which is understandable because they're kids but still you would think they would get cleaned up ... A+ parenting right there.

I'm angry but also feel sorry for my Sister in Law because her mum wasn't really there to teach her anything, instead she chased men around, my Sister In Law is the eldest if seven .. the youngest being 4 my nephew's age and my Sister In Law is in her 20's so she would of been kind of responsible for her younger siblings but at the same time it's frustrating because with some things she can be ... dumb but wether it's just an act or it's because she wasn't taught is another thing.

Like weeks ago (this is another example of what we have to deal with) my Sister In Law's grandfather had to be flown to hospital for a heart operation and of course the family would of been worried which is understandable, so basically all of them made it their mission to go there to make sure he was ok and everything, (Brother and Sister in Law included) so we had no problem having the children for a day (a day or two being what they said) ... FOUR DAYS LATER after no phone calls, no texts from them except when I finally got the guts and texted them asking when the hell they'll be home and by this stage my Mother was furious and understandably so because as every day went by she couldn't go to work and was losing a lot of money.

All I got from them every time I texted them was "oh, we'll be home tonight" or "Nan wants us to stay an extra night" ... bull crap. The fact my Sister In Law even put on Facebook that it was basically a waste of time going there and she missed the children made me even madder because she was right! they didn't have to go in the first place because it wouldn't of been any use having all the family there all at once for starters, he would of needed his rest after a major oporation and they probably wouldn't of really been able to see much of him anyway!.

I just hate the fact that now I am still so angry after all of that, I most likely will have a crap sleep because I will keep thinking about it ... until next time they want something and my Mother is enough of a sucker to give in then they'll be nice as anything again >:/.

Posted 4 days ago

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