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[61642] On CNN now: Islam fastest growing religion

article on CNN dot com says "study estimates that from 2010 to 2050, Muslims will have increased across the world by 73%, followed by Christians who are projected to grow by 35% during the same time period, and Hindus at 34%. That means that Islam -- currently the world's second-largest religion -- will surpass Christianity as the world's biggest religion by the end of the century, the study projects. Why? Muslim women have more children, on average -- 3.1 children compared to 2.3 for all other religious groups combined, "

All I'm saying is you think that a Muslim majority work won't pass Sharia law, then you a complete dumbass.

If you would like to read the article, it is at : cnn. com/2017/03/16/world/islam-fastest-growing-religion-trnd/index.html

Posted 5 days ago

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  • world is screwed
    Posted 5 days agoReport
  • very screwed
    Posted 5 days agoReport
  • I heard that there are now more kids who believe Spongebob Squarepants is real than ones who believe in Barney the Dinosaur.

    Both characters are just as real as Yahweh or Allah

    (why do people like worshipping bearded fantasy sky monsters so much?)
    Posted 5 days agoReport
  • cause there mommies and daddies scare them into it and when they grow up they don't want their life to be a lie
    Posted 5 days agoReport
  • simple solution is for everyone else to fuck like the world's ending
    Posted 5 days agoReport
  • This is discrimination. It's eugenics. It's essentially Hitler's argument. Don't be an idiot.
    Posted 5 days agoReport
  • Good. Muslims will rid of society's abominations.
    Posted 5 days agoReport
  • ^Please draw a cartoon depicting the prophet Mohammed and distribute it far and wide. Be sure to include your home address and the times you are normaly there.
    Posted 4 days agoReport
  • People, please stop paying attention to these anti-Islam jewish propagandist trolls and their white trashionalist and evangelical zionist kkkristian slaves and puppets. These kkkowardly degenerate kkkult members have no life outside of attacking and demonizing Muslims. Hopefully the white trashionalists are dealt a serious crushing blow at the hands of the opposing forces that actually pose a threat to their power if and when they ever choose to make good on their threats of attacking and expelling non-white, non-kkkristians from America and europe. These white trashionalist kkkowards couldn't fight anyone that could actually defend themselves; this is why they invade Muslims in the third world who don't even have food and water, while non-Muslim gang members patrol the streets and kill white supremacists like them on site.
    Posted 4 days agoReport
  • some tard always has to bring up Hitler
    Posted 4 days agoReport
  • The only thing said was a Muslim majority world would pass Sharia law, which is TRUE. Sharia law is their belief, you expect them not to follow their beliefs?
    Posted 4 days agoReport
  • ^^ A Muslim majority would never come in America unless Americans convert en-mass. Sharia law can only be applied in a Muslim state ruled by a Muslim government. white trashionalists and evanjizzsickles are demonizing a minority Muslim population in the U.S with their false propaganda campaign called "creeping shariah" which is all lies and disinformation. Muslims don't even make up a quarter of one percent in the U.S, the majority of "Muslims" in America are nation of Islam cult members who are not real Muslims and another large percentage are shiite cult members from iran, lebanon, and Iraq. There are very few real Muslim Sunnis in America and they are a marginalized, demonized, and hated minority group that are discriminated against by everyone who buys into your false narratives. It's all designed to distract people from the real terrorists and real religious extremist evanjizzsickle kkkristian kkkult members who want to impose their way of life on everyone else in America.
    Posted 4 days agoReport
  • How about we keep church separate from state like America's great fathers intended.

    Both religions do more harm than good. None of them have ever developed compassion or empathy. So I equally hate you both.
    Posted 4 days agoReport
  • Whoever makes the most babies will be the majority some day, that is just simple math.
    Posted 4 days agoReport
  • How about we keep church separate from state like America's great fathers intended######

    SHHHHHHH!!!! Don't tell the flag wavers that! In their
    minds it was teh ebil liberalz that caused that.
    Posted 4 days agoReport
  • All believing in their imaginary friends - How pathetic and sad.
    Posted 3 days agoReport
  • Sharia Law, is religious law.

    The US is already under religious law, in effect. Laws against abortion, sodomy, same sex-marriage, teaching evolution in schools... You think that's secular?

    The 10 commandments sit outside courthouses, the money has, "I'm God We Trust" printed on it. The national anthem is, "God Bless America."

    I just find it funny that people fighting Sharia, are also the ones fighting to get prayer put back in schools.

    The US is pretty far from secular, you're already living under religious law. If you are truly secular you would fight all of it, not just the Muslim part.

    Meanwhile it's all just an ancient system of mass manipulation. Believing in ghosts, spirits, and angry sky fathers... It's so unnecessary now in the age of information. None of this religious garbage is valid anymore. It's akin to myth, you can derive meaning from ancient stories but, don't take it literally.
    Posted 2 days agoReport
  • Muhammadians and libtards sitting in a tree, k-i-s-s-i-n-g, first comes submission, then comes tyranny, then comes some new little Muhammadians shaming their libtard mammas for not bending over and spreading it far enough.

    Hey libtard baby mamma - why you want the Muhammadian dick when you can have some of your home grown big ole shitlord dick?

    I think it's cause you like the way the Muhammadians force the submission. That - you respect - eh? OK - I see your quandary - I can fix that for you babe. Now get down on all 4's and suck real good. You be swallow'n too babe - got that? Good. Now you be mine now - you be in the biz of please'n me from here on in. Now all is gonna be right in your world - you just listen to your shitlord daddy from here on in.

    Hey Muhammadians - fuck your perfect prophet in the ass dudes. Come on over and get some of our shitlord lov'in if you can stand the pleasure of the pain. But yuz be chickenshit I knowz.
    Posted 2 days agoReport
  • Shit dude. To the guy that said The US is already under religious law. You made some good that I haven't thought of. Doesn't really reapply to my views cause I wan't all religion out of government, especially abortions. I'll donate money to anyone's abortion. but some good points there dude. So in closing fuck Sharia law and fuck the 10 commandments.
    Posted 2 days agoReport
  • I know one thing, if any of these religious religious freaks
    try to push their fucked up, lunatic storybooks on my kids,
    they better be able to fight good, cause I will be comming
    after them with a big knuckle sandwich.
    Posted 7 hours agoReport
  • If it were up to me, I would have all people who believe in
    sky daddies thrown into a padded cell, with the straight jacket still on. Scince I can't do that, I will just punch out
    anyone who approaches my family and tries to 'convert' them.
    Posted 7 hours agoReport
  • I sit back and laugh at all of the retards fighting eachother over their sky daddies. For all you fucks know, him/they are probaly looking down from above
    laughing, jerking off, and being entertained while planning to send all of you dumb fucks to hell anyway so he/they can
    have even more fun watching you sizzle!

    Look at your 'God' closely, and ask yourself "if he was
    human, would CPS take his children away, and throw
    him in the prison/psych ward for life for his actions?". If your answer is anything but a solid "NO", then your God
    is a fraud and a lying sack of shit.

    I am so glad to have finaly broken away from religion. What a fucked up ride that was!
    Posted 7 hours agoReport
  • True story:

    When I was horny 19-year old, there was this girl at work that smelled good, nice ass, nice tits, nice smile - and I wanted to get into her pants. Except she was born again. So ..... she invited me to a dinner at big religious gathering, ... at a big ballroom at one of the hotels in town, and I thought damn ... this will be my chance to bust a move in my car after the event, and get down and dirty (I'm pretty sure she was like'n on me - she told me I had the greenest eyes she ever saw and shit like that). So agreed to go! Oh ya! - I thought to myself.

    Anyway, when we got there - there was about a thousand people there. Wow. Right after dinner there were speakers that came up, and lo and behold this was turning into one of these good ole fashion born again revival meetings. You know that bad bad motorcycle gang dude, confessing that he messed up bad and put a world of hurt on a whole lot of people in his life, until one day when he seen the light, got saved and all that .... praise the lord, praise the lord! Wow - wtf is going on I thought to myself, getting a little anxious now.

    Then the next thing you know, there are about 50 preachers spreading out among the people, (we are all on our feet now), laying on hands, asking individual people to reject satan and let Jesus into there lives right now - hallelujah! Praise be to god! Holy shit! There were people falling limp, slain in the spirit, left, right and center, getting saved and born again right then and there! Now I'm getting mighty fucking anxious. Wtf!

    Anyway, the next thing you know one of these preacher dudes comes at me, trying this shit on me, and my little sexy girl is egging him on, asking me, .... telling me ..... to give it up now and get saved. Fuck!

    OK - I'm a bit ashamed to say I just had to leave her ass there, and got the fuck out pronto (but for chrissake - these people weren't taking goddam no for an answer! Fuck!). Anyway suffice to say - my plans for her pussy didn't pan out.

    What a guy will do for pussy though? - mmmm ... it sure is a crazy world.

    Knowing what I know now, in the heat of the moment of the born again getting saved shit, I shoulda wrapped my arms around her and whispered in her ear, that god is my dick and wants to save her too and so she need to come out to the car right now for some save'n! You never know, mighta worked - but I guess I was the real pussy that night - got freaked out and disgusted and just fucked off without at least trying. Damn.

    Posted 4 hours agoReport

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