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[61633] God Hates Democrates and Liberals

Donald Trump is your President😁
--- if you manage to get Trump impeached...
Mike Pence will be your new President😁
You can whine all you want - 😭
For the next 4 years - and maybe even longer👏
Ha Ha😂😂😂😂

Posted 6 days ago

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  • "God hates".. yeah just as relevant to real life as
    " Darth Vader hates..." or "Clyde Crashcup hates...." or "the Easter Bunny hates...."

    What is realy scary is how people get so hateful and murderous over storybooks written by mentaly il opium addictel nomads millenia ago.

    Posted 5 days agoReport
  • Trump is gonna fuck everyone over, not just liberals.

    24 million people losing health insurance...
    Posted 5 days agoReport
  • god hates everyone these days, what else is new.
    Posted 5 days agoReport
  • It's Democrats.

    Democrates was an obscure ancient Greek philosopher.

    Democratic Party is full of Democrats.
    Posted 5 days agoReport
  • See now that ass is definitely a Dummycrat - he focused on a mis-spelling due to autocorrect trying to prove how smart he is - with his little history lesson. I bet ya he is patting himself on his back and saying "your so smart"
    Posted 5 days agoReport
  • God hates zionist evanjizzsickles kkkristians and white trashionalists. That's why he made so many of you closet homosexuals. It's God's curse on those who do the bidding of satan.
    Posted 4 days agoReport
  • There's no way in hell your phone auto-corrected to an obscure Greek philosopher.

    I've seen you spell it "democrates" so many times on here I had to finally say something.

    As for the content or your rant? God is dead. He was just a system of manipulation anyway.

    You think Pence, the Vice-President, won't be implicated if the Trump administration was caught colluding with Russians? Their whole camp is going to be indicted.

    Guess what? It's not just liberals that hate Trump, so do conservatives! Anyone with a brain hates him! It's just retarded fascist cunts, like yourself, that enjoy defending a racist authoritarian psychopath like Trump.

    Your numbers are dwindling too. Trumps disapproval rating is about 50%, and his approval rating is an historic low for a President 36%.

    No one likes Trump, so if God does exist, he hates everyone except you Bubba. Keep cleaning that shotgun retard.
    Posted 2 days agoReport
  • Fuck Republicans and Trump. Fuck his evil, darwanistic Christian hypocrites!
    Posted 2 days agoReport

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