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Firstly, I'm not saying that any of the new plans for American healthcare are any good. In fact, they have been pretty crappie and I'm hoping they'll be modified into something decent. So, here's my thoughts on it:


Insurance companies have been backing out of participating in Obamacare because fewer Americans than anticipated are signing up; that in turn raises insurances costs for everyone, which then further drives down participation. For some middle-income Americans, the subsidies available for buying Obamacare policies are not generous enough and the fines for not having coverage are too small to encourage them to enroll in plans.

My question: Why do people say that Obamacare is great, yet fewer Americans than anticipated have signed up for it?

Posted 1 week ago

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  • Not a fan of Obamacare but crappy insurance is better than nothing for a lot of people. It's certainly better than what Trump is proposing.
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