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[61419] Too much sex

I'm married to the love of my life. We have lots of regular sex. His libido is astonishing. Twice a day. Three times a day. He falls asleep with his cock in my pussy only to awaken hard and thrusting. It was difficult at first, all that sex... I had a job out of the house and was tired. I like my sleep. Eventually, it was just normal. The constant state of arousal. His whispered encouragement to be his, to accept him, to swallow, to suck, to open, to submit, to show him my pussy, to essentially fully belong to him and be available sexually and obey like a cock hungry slut. It wasn't easy but I learned to crave him. The taste of his cum. His fullness. His girth. To enjoy the bloated head of his cock wedged up tight against my cervix and pushing for more space.
But the blow jobs! This is a favorite. I warm him up, tease him, make love to his cock with my mouth and fondle his testicles, scratch his butt and along the inner thighs and his taint. My favorite is when he stands and we start with me kneeling before him. I like to have a mirror behind me so he can see all of me. My ass. My pussy when I push and arch my back and give him peeks of my plush wet pussy. I start by rubbing my face over his penis and light kisses, sniffing, kissing, a tongue flick, maybe I trace his cock with my tongue. Then I take him in my mouth and will rotate my hips and imagine he's behind me too. I imagine he's going to fuck my mouth and pussy at the same time. As I devour his penis I become more and more excited. I rock my hips in time with my mouth. I undulate. My knees part. My body sinks to the floor. A towel is beneath me since I'm dripping wet. My legs spread wide. My pussy touches the floor (the clean towel) and I pretend I'm riding my husbands rigid dick. My body moves up and down as my hips twist and move back and forth. My husband loves to watch me (his fuck toy) hump the floor, rotating my hips and grinding in time with my sucking. I have so much fun and he loves it as much as I do. I open my mouth and flatten my tongue to feel his full length and then I go deep. I push my face into him and almost yawn to open my throat wider so I can take his rounded and firm head deep. I tease myself by rubbing his cock head at the back of my throat before forcing more of his cock deeper into my mouth. It tickles. I pretend my clit is back there. I rub some more. I pant a little to get enough air but I need to hold my breath too. I do this again and again. Rubbing. Forcing his dick down my throat. Rubbing. Forcing his down my throat. I might moan a little, only when he's deeply penetrating my throat. That is when it feels the best. Sometimes if I need I air and my jaw a break I will stay in my position but lick and trace the head with my tongue saying "yes. So good. So rigid. So firm. Yummy. Hot. Hard. I can hardly wait for your cum. I love you. I love your penis. It's beautiful. I was made to be yours. This feels so good." I'm still gyrating and rotating my hips and moving in time with my licks, nice and slow, sexy, sometimes to the music. Sometimes with eye contact and a smile. Maybe I arch a little more to rub my nipples against his legs. Then I dive in again. I like to deep throat my husband. There is a distinct popping sensation as his head goes beyond where my tonsils would be, when he actually goes down my throat. Towards my stomach. It is a strain and it is not easy but I seriously love it. The challenge. The penetration. So deep. So very deep. I feel incredibly wanted. His penis embedded, lodged, tight, my body trembling, my pussy wet and riding my imaginary cock. My hips lose control as my orgasm nears. I can't control my hips as they rock back and forth, lifting and twisting with speed. With need. This delicious need to be penetrated and owned. Filled and used with love. To open completely. To lose myself in my love for him. I know when he's close to. His eyes don't know where to look. Down at me. Into the mirror. His eyes wide in awe and disbelief and pleasure. If possible, his penis gets a little thicker, a little longer, semen bubbles out the tip. I taste him. I'm almost there. I take him into my throat but don't pull off anymore. My hips are bucking and flipping. His hands dive into my hair. He's rough and pulling. His hands are tangled in my hair, cupping my head, as he thrusts his hips down and forward, into me, he's pushing and pushing and holding my head. His strength startles as well as comforts me. This is where I belong. His hands hold my head and pull me forward. This is it. His penis is fully lodged in my throat beyond my tongue. At least 3 inches deeper than before. It's pulsing. His cock is pulsating and throbbing fully wedged and pointing down my throat. My head is tilted all the way back to make a straight line of my throat. My back arched, ass out, breasts up and pussy flat against the towel. I can only move a little at the waist and keep up my rhythmic tempo. Knees far apart, legs stretched wide. My submission complete. I'm his. I'm all his. My body sings. This is what I was made for, for him, his pleasure, his love. My body belongs to him. The throbbing continues and I can't breath. He flexes his penis to its fullest length and I have to stretch my throat a little bit more to take him. He holds my head steady. He's in control as my orgasm overwhelms my body. I convulse. Electricity shocks my system and my throat muscles begin contracting and swallowing around the shaft of my husbands rigid penis lodged so deeply inside of me. I can tell he's coming by the gentle push of his hips, the pulsing throb of his deeply embedded cock. He's still pushing into me with a firm pulling on my head. I'm in place. I have no where to go but here. He can't get any deeper. He groans and throbs and pulses and pumps his come into me. He is depositing his cum straight down into me. His body trembling, his knees want to buckle, he pants trying to breath. His orgasm is long. The amount his penis unloads is full filling. I pretend and tell myself I need it daily, like a vitamin, in order to survive. He pulls out slowly so as not to hurt me. I can feel every bump and ridge and vein. His penis is still hard but too sensitive to be touched now. We do this weekly. I want it everyday but sometimes he just wants to bend me over the couch and fuck my pussy or get me on the bed and do the old fashioned baby making church sex. Man on top. I love it all really but being penetrated deeply is the best. My husband knows what I like and makes sure to give it to me. We talk a lot. About everything. What we need. Sex. Submission. Being a good spouse. How to please. He likes me aroused and makes certain I'm ready via texts, phone calls, notes and reminders. Nothing like shoes and lingerie delivered in the afternoon with the orders to be dressed and ready to obey upon his arrival. Sometimes he wants me waiting blindfolded and waiting by the door sitting on my heels, knees apart, hands resting behind my back. Anticipation of a solid fucking is wonderful. A solid fucking even better. Coming on my husbands cock while he's deeply penetrating my throat? Surreal. I LOVE IT!

Posted 1 week ago

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  • Hey buddy, this is Rant Rampage, not your Wet Dream Diary.
    Posted 1 week agoReport
  • They're under new management.

    Posted 1 week agoReport
  • This is a male author ! What an ass ! Beg for mercy dude and and go play with yourself ! This place is not for your pleasured sex.

    You can be a real shauvanist pig to lots of women.

    Posted 1 week agoReport
  • Yeah, I bet the author iwrote it with one hand and kept his lefty busy in other ways. This is not Hand Rampage!
    Posted 1 week agoReport
  • Chauvinist you bearded, white guilt, beta males.

    Offensive that women like sex too?

    I feel bad for being white, let me get on a rant website and talk down to people with pitiful misspellings.
    Posted 1 week agoReport
  • Disgusting! I hope this post gets deleted. I did not even bother to read the whole thing. Disturbing. My brain is scarred for life.
    Posted 6 days agoReport
  • ^^second one just up. People may mispell a few words but the idea is still there. So take you're panty ass recorrecting blubber somewheres else where you'll be appreciated. Narcissist!
    Posted 6 days agoReport
  • I stopped at, "He falls asleep with his cock in my pussy only to awaken hard and thrusting". suddenly it made me lonely as all hell with a stiffy to contend with. I can't even get my girl to be this way. She rejects me at every turn. This story had to stop entering my mind and reminding me of rejection. Please take your stories somewheres else so satist set can enjoy it all.
    Posted 6 days agoReport

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