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[61389] Life Story Retards

These fucking retards posting their life story online. Getting on Facebook or wherever, and posting the stupidest shit. They want you to feel sorry for them, and anyone stupid enough to buy into it quickly see why these people are so alone. Because they're pieces of shit.

Dumbass narcissistic fucktards who act like children, were raised with no sense of boundaries or shame, and that's why they'll tell strangers personal shit. That, and because they think everyone would want to know. Afterall, who wouldn't like them?

No money management, can't hold down a job, can't do anything, mommy and daddy take care of everything despite them being well into their 30s. Fuck them.

Posted 1 week ago

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  • Why do you complain? You also do it here. This is actually an example. So you're a piece of shit too?
    Posted 1 week agoReport
  • crazies
    Posted 1 week agoReport
  • I agree. Just a bunch of snowflakes who are constantly fishing for attention. It has to be all about them all the time.
    Posted 1 week agoReport
  • Hello, friend. God it feels good to say friend. Right friend? Let's talk friend.

    Hows it going buddy?

    The movie on TV reminds you of your friend's death.

    ...........fuck that. Let me tell you something. You know there was this one time I had sex in a fitting room. It was with someone who worked there, I don't even know her name. It was how I lost my virginity.

    I almost lost my virginity another time before this obviously. But all that ever happened was my neighbor began to go down on me, and got scared we were going to be caught. It was then that I knew I was a bisexual.

    Damn it feels good to talk. 10 minutes in, and we're best friends.
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  • These fucking retards posting their life story online. Dumbass narcissistic fucktards who act like children. Fuck them.

    Do you see your own shit coming through here? The world if full of diverse thinking. You would be well off knowing what you know and be empathetic
    enough to humble yourself. By this time you let the cat out of the bag about yourself.

    Posted 1 week agoReport

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