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[61377] Dear TimHortons Customer

I feel this is almost unnecessary to say but since I get complaints about this all the time here you go. You ask why there are four people in drive thru and 2 people on counter? I'll tell you, when there are two lanes open that means two people need to talk... at the same time, then you have a person at the window, they take the money and hand out orders, all the while they have to get the car out of the window in 20 seconds or get in trouble for a bad window average. Then the coffee maker, the person who is making what you are here for, fucking coffee. That's 4 people. Now on counter... thy take the orde and make you the coffee as soon as you are cashed, other people are at the food station making both drive thru and counters food items, so they have it pretty easy as they have no time limit and just need to focus on one order at a time. Unlike drive thru who need to focus on charging people for the right thing, and high quality coffee and friendly service all in a 20 second judgement call for every car that pulls up. If your not willing to wait why the fuck did you come inside? Drive thru is meant for fast service counter is for when you eat in or just don't know what you want.

A pissed of timmies supervisor

Posted 1 week ago

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  • damn
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