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[61258] Fake Fitness Guru who is vapid

She looks fake and superficial and is influencing teen girls to diet. Her name is Sam O. She is on Youtube and Instagram. She is always making videos about hair, make up, and dieting! She talks about losing weight and her secrets on how she drops body fat and keeps her butt round. Most of her followers ate teenage girls. Plus this woman doesn't need to lose weight or fat. She is normal weight with chiseled abs and possibly a silicone butt! She is promoting a low carb 1,200 calorie diet! Great if you have PCOS or Morbidly obese and need to get to a reasonable weight, but she promotes eating 1,200 calories a day and being modeteratley to very physically active! And she promotes it as a maintenance lifestyle. I'm a physically active woman who is 5'1 135 lbs and 23% body fat. I eat 1,800 calories- 2,100 calories. I am in good shape (not bikini shape) with a 4 pack and mild pudge. I was moderately obese once. Yes, I usually ate 1,300 calories and did moderate and sometimes very intense HIIT and Boot camp style workouts. Took me 26 months to get to my BMI of 25.5. "Lose weight quick " are in her episodes. Quick, why? So the person gains it back fast? ! Some of the girls who look up to her are normal weight, but looking to her to loose weight, when her body type is most likely an ectomorph with a bit of mesomorph and is low in body fat, like 15%- 18%. No way does she eat 1,200 calories and workout 6 days a week looking the way she does. For like 4 years? And she promotes fake tans and a butt some women won't have at low bodyfat. She is fake! I am tired of her and other fitness people promoting fakery as " weight loss " tea and waist trainers!

Posted 1 week ago

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  • Her channel is boring! Just talks about "detoxifying" the body and using magic crystals.
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  • Sam Ozkural is one hot piece of ass! Sounds like you're jealous.
    Posted 1 week agoReport
  • She looks like she has Dubai sponsors.
    Posted 1 week agoReport
  • She's not s bad as the instawhore Amber Lopez. Amber Lopez is on Youtube and G+ is a racist scum bag. She says really hateful things about Black people and she has all kinds of naked pics in her G+ and Instagram. She has a fake buttocks, without developed muscles attached and thin legs. She has a decent flat stomach but lacks muscle tone in legs, abs, shoulders and upper back. She promotes fit tea. This bitch doesn't exercise! Sam Ozkural at least has muscle tone!
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  • Puta
    Posted 1 day agoReport
  • Her holes have been well trained by Dubai millionaires. She is on
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  • Fake fitness women are a cancer in our society. I don't like obesity promoters either, but I have more respect for them. I like real fitness women. Not this bullshit fake big assed, bony legged, implanted tittied big lipped bitches who look like Kylie Jenner clones.
    Posted 16 hours agoReport

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