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[61132] Fuck my mom

I'm just going to say that my mother doesn't love me anymore. We were perfectly fine for the day, and then she gets mad at me suddenly. She says to not show my face to her face I mean isn't she supposed to ask me how my day has been if I had any troubles. To be honest my grades have been going down for this and my mom keeps on being a bitch saying i should raise them when she's the one being a bitch. I can't deal with her anymore. She honestly came up to my room and said that the cause of the problem was because I called her by her name. Don't people do this? I mean is it unreasonable for me to call my mother for her name? I really don't understand. I asked my friends if it was reasonable and they were so shocked by the stupidness of this. She called my friends I was grounded for 3 months so nobody should contact me. They can't even contact me during my birthday. I did nothing but treat her with kindness and she returns it with bitchiness. They teach us in school to treat others the way we want to be treated. Well she asked for it. Ill just make her more pissed. She told me I could do whatever I wanted. I will. Who fucking gives a fuck anymore. To be honest a while ago I fell into depression. We were living in the same household and she didn't even know. She even has heard me cry in the middle of the night. The thing is she is so fucking stupid. I have never met anyone more stupid than her in my life. She got worse grades than me in school and she is expecting me to get 100 in classes. Where do you think I get my stupidness from, fucking mother. I believe she is an asshole and she deserves a lesson. She doesn't even listen to me and she even asks me are there people that call their mothers by their first name? Yes there are look it up. It's everywhere. You know what fuck her and her fucking thought that she is perfect. Too bad for my brothers that they have to live with her while she is in menopause. She can go fuck herself with her smoking habits. Im done with her.

Posted 1 week ago

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  • Where are you from? Reserved Asians like my family doesn't do that (calling mom by first name) but in almost every western country they don't really care about that especially if you're very close just like best friends. Stricter family may not do that. And the thing about your grades, my mom was also like that when I'm in elementary and junior high, she thinks getting 70 is disappointing but later when I enter high school she changed a bit. Try communicate with your mom more. Maybe, just maybe, she regrets what she did but is too prideful to admit her mistakes, there are many parents like that. Including mine (my father always thinks he's the right and most relevant one when we got into arguments just bcs he already live longer). I hope you get through your depression, and have someone whom you can talk to about your problems, try to have heart to heart talk with your mom. Have a nice day/night ^^
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  • Similar to the comment above, I come from an Asian household, so my siblings and I don't call our mom by her first name. My mom used to, and still is very strict with my grades. During my elementary school years, getting a 95% and below was garbage, trash. Now, 90% and below is trash. So yes, parents do change, even if it is a little. The reason of why you were grounded is stupid, yes, but think about it from her perspective. Maybe she was having a particularly bad few days, and it just happened that that issue came into her mind. She might even feel guilty for what she's done, but is just too prideful to apologize. My mother is like that, even when she's done something wrong, she refuses to apologize. Try talking to your mom, gently of course. It's best if you avoid cursing or any sort of negative talk during this conversation. She may understand, after all, I'm sure that she doesn't truly want for you to be upset. I truly hope that you resolve this issue, if you have no already.
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  • Exactly! I'm Asian and I can't call my parents by name.
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