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[61001] Nintendo Switch

I had no fucking faith in that thing, and am not surprised at all to hear how so many of those fucking things don't work.

What pisses me off, and I can't say surprises me is the fucking fanboy retards and the way they're defending it. "Don't be quick to hate this. It's new and innovative."

How the fuck is this thing innovative? It's a cheap ass generic tablet with detachable controllers, and the features that should have been allowed on the Wii U. They were late to the party almost five years ago, and are certainly late now in 2017. Charging $400 for something that doesn't give you the same value as a $50 Kindle Fire. You can play all the fucking emulators you want on that. Watch videos, READ, and look at porn, and that thing will fucking work. THIS won't.

You know it's bad when the fucking commercial has to show Street Fighter 2 playing on it, like that's some big deal. Emulators have been easy to install on devices for almost a decade now. As I've said, Kindle Fire.

These fucks need to quit acting like Nintendo cares about them. They don't and never have. You aren't special for playing whatever system was the newest when you were a kid, and they didn't give a fuck about anyone then either.

Posted 2 weeks ago

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  • Try "ATARI" what a joke they turned out to be. I have faith in thier product and they discontinued at the height of there popularity. I have a shed full of Atari waiting to hit a land fill! Thanks Atari!
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  • Atari didn't give a fuck either. Neither does(did) Sega, Microsoft, definitely not Sony, or any other company.

    Video games are not anywhere comparable to art like these hipster fucks claim. It's a fucking medium that is already over saturated to a point where most people are tired of it.

    Games may be around in the future, but it's not this growing thing. Companies are getting lazier, games are getting worse, and these manchildren who see that are up in arms about it. Despite the fact that they keep buying the garbage.

    Every adult I hear talking about video games is a loser, and that's not going to change. I'm not saying all adults who play games are, but the ones who brag about it are the kind of idiots who buy this crap day one. They still want to pretend these companies care about them.

    It's pathetic to act like multi million/billion dollar companies really give a shit that you buy their crappy overprices consumer level bullshit electronics. They don't, and while that money is a lot to a regular person, it doesn't mean shit to a company that's worth that much.

    Technology for all of this shit is getting cheaper, and yet consoles are getting more expensive? They know these dumbfucks will pay it, no matter what the cost. All because some mass produced shit game was there for them when no one else was when they were kids.

    The douchebag new money losers who think they're jocks, but really anti social losers. They make up most of the Sony/Microsoft crowd. Buying a $500 worth of shit for a gimmicky VR helmet that is already getting phased out, and has like maybe 20 games that are all glorified tech demos.

    Then the Nintendo crowd mostly still live with their parents, or might have a girlfriend/spouse they essentially bought from the way they flaunt their money around. Either way, they buy this new shit, act like it's good, kiss ass on the Nintendo Facebook page, and think this shit will fill the void in my life. "This game was there when no one else was."

    You aren't special. We all felt alone as kids, and had our escape. Be it playing with other kids, books, music, movies, TV, or these fucking games. You weren't the only one. Realize that, and fucking grow up.
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  • Oh you are wrong about it being a generic tablet. It is a super expensive super crippled peice of shit tablet with shit periphialswith serious quality control issues.
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  • Oh you are wrong about it being a generic tablet. It is a super expensive super crippled peice of shit tablet with serious quality control issues and with shit periphials
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  • Whatever. I like my Nintendo Switch. I like video games and am not a manchild. This page is for assholes.
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  • You shouldn't be looking at porn. That's a very dangerous addiction. Google Yourbrainonporn and get help.
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  • This is your brain being a manchild.
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