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[60653] I'm so mad at my wife for what she did at Mardi Gras

My wife is always telling me how I don't look at her the way I used too. I understand she is insecure she's 35 years old now, she feels that I would leave her for a younger women but I would never do that. I can't just leave my wife, mother of my two children. But I do wish she dress more sexy. most of the time she is always dress formal. I mean don't get me wrong my wife is hot, she has blue eye, blond hair, big boobs like a Swedish model. I wish she was a little more fun. We just came from New Orleans and I'm upset of what happen.

We went to have fun I gave her a couple of drinks to loosen up and it was working. But then she got upset because a young girl show me her boobs. I told her to not worry but she wouldn't listen. So she said she was going to do the same thing. I was really mad but she was to drunk to understand. First of all I didn't ask the girl to show me her boobs the girl did it all on her own.

Then my wife finds the most random black guy to flash him. Keep in mind that she does this in one of those hidden corners in New Orleans and is night time. I told my wife absolutely not. Then she starts asking me "why? Because he's black?" and she starts laughing. "Are you racist?" she asks. "Of course not!!" I respond to her. I didn't wanted her to do it because the black guy look untrusty and suscpiciois. He was standing on the side like if he was waiting for someone to buy for him. He was hella ugly too. He look like Lil Wayne, I'm serious he look like Lil Wayne but with short hair, no tattoos on his face, more taller, and with out no mouth grill.

My wife didn't care so I told her fine just do it. She goes to that guy and she asks him. "Do you want to see?" grabbing her shirt as if she's going to pull him down. The black guy then smiles and pulls her close to him. Then my wife pulls down her shirt and shows her bra to him. The guy seem i satisfied and says if he show her full breasts he will give her some money. That's when my wife kind of backs down but the guy kept on insisting her to the point she agrees. So she pulls down her shirt again with her and another guy pours alcohol on her shirt then the black guy puts his face in between her breasts and start sucking the alcohol while sucking on her breasts too.

All of sudden so many black guys surround my wife assuming she's some skank one gets behind her while two others pinch her legs and boobs. I had to step in to help her because she looked scared but in the process I received a few punches.

Posted 2 weeks ago

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  • Did she get beads thrown at her?
    Posted 2 weeks agoReport

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