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[60036] Sister in law

I must be crazy. Everyday I dream of fucking your pussy. Damn! I peeked you one time when you took a shower. Girl, you got one hell of a body. Your boobs are just gorgeous. I desperately need to caress those beauty. Your lips needs to be kissed hundreds times a day.
So if you feel lonely and need a cock to fill your vagina, I'm ready.

Posted 3 weeks ago

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  • You're scum, you piece of shit. She's your sister-in-law. You should kill yourself.
    Posted 3 weeks agoReport
  • ...pervert, are you so pathetic that nobody else wants or likes you that you need to fantasize about just anybody in your fam?
    Posted 3 weeks agoReport
  • Loser
    Posted 3 weeks agoReport
  • Listen just because your sister in law is attractive doesn't make it okay to act on your urges. Control yourself and get that idea out of your mind because obviously it is an undesirable situation to betray your siblings and if you have any decency you will look at the billions of women in the world who are not off limits for your fantasies. Lets be honest there are many which could get you off just as well so do the decent thing and grow up. Having those kind of desires is normal if you are like 14 years old but acting on it is not okay and it is just something you need to learn to control because it will only bring a lifetime of regret. Trust me you think it is harmless now but these sexual escapades too close to home only bring trouble. If you want to enjoy sex with a woman than do it with someone who doesn't bring complications. I once fucked my tutors wife at my university (unintentionally in that I had no idea she was married or his wife because I met her online) but my point is 6 months later he found out and I failed 75% of my assessment that year until I dropped out... it isn't worth it man in life take the high road and think about what you are doing because you think it doesn't hurt anyone now but it does and it will hurt you too whether you are aware of the magnitude of what you are doing or not. I wasn't aware and believed I was having sex with a single cougar how wrong I was and even though I had no fault in my intentions the reality was as it was so I suffered the consequences without realising who it was. You know who she is and you have no excuse so don't be a dick... look for other girls and grow up I regret what I did every time I think about it and when you think about it I did nothing wrong she was the only person who was aware of her situation but I suffered the consequences. Think about it, don't do it man nothing good will come from it.
    Posted 3 weeks agoReport
  • ^ Rebuttal: he said he peeked at her and Bazinga! he got the urges. He's only telling the truth to his urges after his exciting discovery. What red blooded man would not have urges? OK so she is his sister in law. I have one too. she's a real knock out! Sometimes I feel I'd like to be around her but Realistically the timing was bad for me. I can only dream and so can any red blooded male. There's a big diifferance between fanticizing and doing. He never said he did it ! so he rests his case !
    Posted 3 weeks agoReport
  • What should you do ?
    Go masturbate and move on.
    Posted 3 weeks agoReport
  • To "Rebuttal" if you are not controlling your urges you are far more likely to act on it than if you try not to think about it and be dignified.
    Posted 3 weeks agoReport
  • It's, man. He can write whatever he likes. I say seduce her.
    Posted 2 weeks agoReport
  • Maybe it's meant to be. You'll never know 'til you bounce that ass one time with them titties in you face
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  • "Your boobs are just gorgeous. I desperately need to caress those beauty. Your lips needs to be kissed hundreds times a day. So if you feel lonely and need a cock to fill your vagina, I'm ready."

    Sounds like to me he is getting ready to make his play (I hope it backfires and receives spite all round).

    Hey - I have a true story about two brothers. Younger brother has been fucking older brother's wife for years and years. Then they got found out finally (two pre-teen kids in the picture too). Now ... this younger brother ..... he be a selfish prick his whole life. Straight up narcissistic fuck. But he gets his way. Always gets his way (manipulative fucker). 3 families ruined right there (his parent's family, his sister-in-law's parent's family, and his brother's family). What a putrid fuck - screwing his brother's woman. Doesn't say much for the sister-in-law either eh? - this is the kind of rotten-ness that is going to take at least 3 future generations to finally wind down, to finally air out all that shite. (3 families x 3 generations - that be a whole lot of people involved). What a prick
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