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[59924] Confused wife

I have no idea why you married me. You say you saw me and was like Wow! Yet you look for attention from other women. It has been 26 years and no I do not look the same. I could but every time I start losing weight you bring home donuts or get pizza. I do not take that bait so you flood me with tasks or demands to steer me off track. I try looking nice and I get who are you doing that for? You ! you idiot! I work at a Dr. Office and love my job. You....accuse me of sleeping with my coworkers. One mostly , the one who grosses me out. I work as a cashier in a retail store. Dress in short skirts, very sexy business clothes and not one time did I hear I was sleeping with anyone. Huh? I had male co workers constantly hitting on me. I had customers give me flowers, cards and numbers. Wtf! No I dress in pleated dress pants with button up blouses with only top two buttons undone. Hair in a bun and see mostly older people and I the whore of the world. I tell you how great you are at your job and how sexy you are. You tell me how I have made your friends jaws drop. I don't care what they think you idiot!!! I want your jaw to drop. We went wherever you wanted. I beg for years to go somewhere and when I give up , you ask if I want to go. I think you do that just so you can say I tried but she never wants to go anywhere. Oh but now that I have no self esteem left and I am old you think it is time for me to get a job. I had one remember before our daughter got sick and our son got messed up on drugs. You said I should have been their for them more. So I find a way to work from home and actually enjoy it. The kids are on the way up and healthy. Can not have that , me happy. You start acting as if your cheating on me. Well you know what she, he , them or who or whatever can have your selfish , insecure, lying, head game playing, never satisfied ass!!!!! I wish I could be that way but no I have nothing now. I pull my self up and wham you slap me down. Tell me I just want to give up on us. Us? Us? What us? I tell you I like quickies and I do. You want long drawn out all day shit. With three kids!!?? Why ask if you do not listen? Women are fickle but you are that and then some babe!

Posted 3 weeks ago

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