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[59398] Toey Story 2: Be Mine Valentine

Oh yeah. .....ohh....ohh........AHHHHHH. I kame ;)

Orgasms. Why the fuck do they have to be so short? It's the best part of life, and really the reason why we live. So that way we can keep the world going. But yet they have to end in like five seconds. That's not fair.

But onto the feature presentation.

Me and the mistress are still fucking. And we had quite a naughty little Valentine's Day adventure last night.

Her beta male husband took her out to eat last night. Expensive place....ready for it? Applebee's HEY BIG SPENDA. HEY BIG SPENDA!!!!!

So I'm texting her. "My dick isn't going to take care of it's self. I need a release. I'll make it worth your while. I know I can make you cum. My sex towel always smells like you any more." The usual stuff.

She is getting bothered. "Leave me alone, I'm with my husband. This is wrong."

Then I call her and tell her I'm on my way, and will just tell the husband about us. That is unless we get it on in the bathroom. He doesn't trust her, and I know he was going to watch her go to the bathroom. So that's why I went in the ladies room. Thanks Bruce Jenner, no one said I thing.

So she came in, I opened my stall, and we started. I'm really loving her feet. She had these little shoes on, and I took them off. Then I got to sucking a little. Just a few seconds, but seemed like longer. I sucked harder than she sucks me dick. We had to do it quick.

Missionary leaning up against the sink, then I got in from behind as she leaned against the sink. I'm good like that she came and got it on my pants.

They were wet when I left, and I like that good pussy smell on me. I'm getting turned on again, I still smell like her. I didn't wash the sex off of me.

Her husbands a dipshit. He only tried oral once. Made her shower first, and then spent fourty-five minutes looking for her clit. Thought it was on the bottom.

Atleast I know how to fuck. I may usually cum quick, but atleast I can do it.

Posted 5 days ago

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  • Erm.
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