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[59116] Marriage

My fucking husband is such an asshole! He controls all the money, hits me sometimes and I've never called the ducking cops because I like living in my own place. I wish I made enough money to move out. My parents are heroine addicts so I can't live with them and my grandparents won't let me live with them again. So I'm fucking stuck with him. I'm so depressed, I don't want to be married to him anymore because he always leaves bruises on me and controls my life. On the outside he is a successful business man, but at home he is a terrible human being. I know why I'm still with him though.. because he is paying for my college, giving me a house to live in, letting me buy the food, etc.. the only reason he has the job that he has is because his mom is rich as fuck and set him up with this job. Some people are lucky I guess. I work at a mall trying to get myself up the ladder and get through school right now.. maybe then he will be nicer and won't treat me this bad. But all he does when he gets home is want to play video games, code, and hang with his friend over the computer. I didn't know I was going to be married to this. We've been together 4 years and he always wanted to go outside and do something, work out with me sometimes, and not be a home body 24/7. Things flipped when we got married and now he's a totally different person. I'm happiest when he isn't home and I don't have to hear him game, and I'm so scared of him when we fight because he always throws a few punches at me. AND of course I'm not stronger than him. I go to the gym and work out as hard as I can, but I'm still not strong enough to defend myself. Idk I'm just depressed and feel like I've made a huge mistake and have totally fucked up my life. I just need some advice...

Posted 1 month ago

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  • tha bastard
    Posted 1 month agoReport
  • vorce him for abusing you and make him pay you Alimony .. and set u up in an apartment. fuck that guy. you dont deserve that.. he sounds like a loser with the video games.. real corn ball
    Posted 1 month agoReport
  • vorce**
    Posted 1 month agoReport
  • i v o r c e***** wtf
    Posted 1 month agoReport
  • punch him straight in the balls while he is sleeping. yeah....
    Posted 1 month agoReport
  • Listen up, don't feel depressed. *virtual hug* your situation sounds bad but make a plan. Make a plan that's best for you. If you're going to school the last thing you need at the moment is a divorce. Just plan and be strong, finish your school, and don't have any kids with that guy! Be careful! Plan plan plan. If you still wanna be with him, he needs to stop abusing you. In the meantime see a therapist for yourself. Focus on school and when everything is ready and you have a degree under your belt, and he's still being an ass, leave him. No matter what, things will get better as long as you plan them that way.
    Posted 1 month agoReport

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