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[59014] No Morality These Days

Fucking shit.
Morality, people seem to have none.
No humanity at all.
OK OK, I saw an Instagram post tonight that pissed me off.
It's said "wou LD you step on this rabbit for 1.5 Billion dollars?"
I was automatically like, fuck no.
And I'd tagged a friend in the comments and I saw the other comments
People were just showing how disgusting humans can be
And prove that humans greed is the reason why so much is fucked
Up with earth
Some had the nerve to call anyone standing up and saying no "liars" or "idiots". I'm just like, y'all mother fuckers would really end a life for some pocket change? The post was probably supposed to be funny, but it was far from it.
It's like, idfk, I swear it makes me so mad. I mean it's no different than someone killing another person for money. No one is that desperate. There are people starving and wouldn't kill it for money. Humans seem to want to do anything for money. Which is literally just paper. Humans destroy whole habitats for months, do all kinds of fucked shit for money. Money is evil. It's bringing out the worst in people.

Posted 1 week ago

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  • There was a short skit on TV that went as follows - The is this deal going around. You are given a fancy box and this box has a button. If you press the button, you get a great deal of money and all your worries go away. How ever, this money will come from the last person who had the fancy box. AND you have to know that once you get all that money, the box is then given to another person. The catch is - Once you push the button , the previous person dies. It's up to you.
    Would you push the button knowing that the box will go to another person after you? Then the loop continues.
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  • There seems to be no empathy for anyone these days either because so many of those are narcissistic and/or psychopaths.
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  • Crocodile leather is made from crocodiles. Their necks are clamped down and their spine ripped out to prevent spasms that damage the quality of the skin. Have you ever visited a slaughterhouse? I've not, but I heard of the horrific conditions in there. Chickens and cows. Lambs. What else have you. Point is not to go vegetarian, but that killing as a job and torturing for your salary should not surprise you. A billion dollars is not pocket change, and there is a long queue lining up to step, even if they have to close their eyes and break their hearts to do it.
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  • It's no different than you buying a sweatshirt or whatever, and in the process justifying and creating the need for cheap labor, which therefore creates a need for easily exploitable poor people who are desperate for a job and are willing to endure horrific working environments to keep it.
    Money is not "just paper" - it's the most liquid asset and therefore is the easiest thing to trade with one another. It's easier to give someone a twenty for their lunch instead of carrying around, say, a pot that's valued at exactly $20. It's also a way to depersonalize and distance yourself from your purchase. In the case of the bunny and the 1.5 billion, the trade is simply more direct, with the bunny being the sweatshirt given to the dealer/ consumer, and you (the seller/employee) receiving the money for providing the service.

    By the way, I would kill that rabbit, keep some for myself to pay off my debts and make sure my parents and grandparents won't have to work anymore because they should be retired and enjoying the rest of their days (my grandfather is 81 and he's still working at his farm to help my aunt, uncle, and cousins), and then use whatever's left to fund green technology and the preservation of endangered ecosystems (and probably save a whole bunch of other bunnies in the process).

    Go ahead, call me a monster.
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  • $1,500,000,000 is not pocket change. I imagine that the mean price point, among the generally well-fed and sterile-minded Americans (discounting the liars the say they would never do so a thing), would be more like about $1,500, to be paid to you if you kill the nice bunny rabbit.

    Also - why would this be the case (i.e - that probable price point)? Because money is not just paper - it is power - because everybody believes so.

    Methinks you very much naive, perhaps because you are unimaginative, or perhaps because you have very little self-awareness.

    If you were starving and about to perish from hunger (and a general lack of protein) and there were no stores or restaurants to simply go buy or steal food, and you came across a nice little bunny rabbit out in field ...... you would try to catch, kill, skin, roast and then greedily eat that nice little bunny rabbit. Your physiology (inclusive of your deep psyche) demands it. If you can't imagine that scenario .... well I said then.

    But ..... if that be the case (and this just wasn't some sort of momentary lapse of faculty - which may be the case - this is a rant site after all).... then you most likely are a menace who will continually try to subvert those around you to your warped delusions about your true condition, sometimes at the severe cost and harm to those around you. If that is the case .... grow-up already.
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  • No morality? How about when a person values an animal's life over a fellow human being's?

    They are scum. Kill the rabbit real good, make humanity better.
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  • This kind of thinking would've wiped out humanity a long time ago.

    Caveman: Me hungry... oh noooo bunny cute, can't kill it, me starve to death...

    Kill the bunny.
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  • Finally! somebody who sees what the fuck is happening around here!! You said it perfectly- thumbs up
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  • It is a disgusting, despicable act, but it is one single act that brings about much good. Hell yes.

    Now, sell your soul for a billion dollars and spend 10 years in heaven and eternity in hell...? That's a hell no.
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  • The poll... maybe for a good cause... isn't it the same as hell yes, unless the hell yes people are stomping on rabbits for no reason?
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  • Ok, so you'll eat beef, pork, fish and chicken, but you won't step on a fuckin' rabbit for 1.5 BILLION DOLLARS!? LOL That's not a lack of morality; that's stupidity! Hell, you could even out by breeding rabbits in your spare time with an infinitesimally small amount of that money. As far as killing animals; the human race kills WAAAAY more animals than that for a LOT less money, EVERY HOUR. C'mon, man. THINK, before getting all up in your feelings.
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  • I am going to do what the fuck I please. Just stay out of my way, because I will hurt you and have no remorse for doing so.
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  • Oh and fuck God, it is the most immoral monster of them all. Just look at how brutal nature is
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  • Yes I would stomp the stupid rabbit, even if it was just for 100 bucks
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