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[59005] I'm so tired.

I don't want a generic response, like, "I get you", or, "Hang Tough", because I my hatred is is much stronger than that.

I hate my school. I hate everybody around me, and I want to break out on my own instead of being recognized for who my siblings are. Everybody thinks I'm some crazy freak, instead of what I want them to see me as, an intellectual who has great ideas, and an aspiring writer. I have no girlfriend, while everybody else has a partner, even some fat, 275 lb, double-chinned white guy gets a slim mulatto girl, for some reason! Anything I fucking want, I have to wait for it! if I want video games, I have to wait until I'm out of the house to have them! If I want to build a PC, Guess how long I have to wait? Fuck this shit, I hate every single one of these bastards, I can't wait to go to college, where I can finally be around people who actually have the same mindset as me, for once!

Only 124 Days, 23 Hours, 26 Minutes, and 24 Seconds... 23... 22... 21...

Posted 1 week ago

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  • Do really think that college is going to change all that? Get fucking real you idiot!!! Go out and make the changes your damn self.
    Posted 1 week agoReport
  • Look, AFAIC, people here in my HS are idiots that don't care about their future. College is my last hope, okay?!
    Posted 1 week agoReport
  • Oh I see, College is your last hope... wahhhhh
    You are giving up to easy. AFU!
    Posted 1 week agoReport
  • Yes you'll have more freedom in college
    Yes it's easier to get laid in college
    No people don't generally feel better once they go. There's a lot of depression in college. Don't think it'll solve your whole life. It'll feel pretty stupid and pointless when you're there. Just try to enjoy it, and don't think you're entitled to anything. You could get hit by a bus tomorrow, be grateful for every minute.
    Tip for getting laid: just talk about them, always about them, learn as much as you can about them + booze = pretty good shot.
    Almost everyone likes to talk about themselves, what they want to do, what they've done, what they like, what they hate.
    Posted 1 week agoReport
  • I don't want to get laid, primarily. I want to know what it feels to love, and have true friends.
    Posted 5 days agoReport
  • Well, I truly hope you find that. Me, my only "love" was this half-Korean who dry-humped me through my jeans 'til my dick bled on the second date. I'm 30-something now and everyone I knew in HS is married with children. I've had many sexual encounters with women and one serious relationship which I felt nothing for. Truth is, you're teenaged, your feelings are as raw and lucid as they'll ever be, and you just think shit rolls downhill onto you. I get it. Being called a 'freak' by trendy hipsters or aggro-douchebags let's you KNOW you're on the right track.
    Posted 5 days agoReport
  • You're not alone. I'm in my 20's n I've been so isolated and invisible all my life. To the point I don't know what it's like to run my hand through another's hair or what actual passionate love feels like. Yes I love my cat and my dad but that's different. And if ppl are all like waah u a crybaby- tell em to kiss a bull's anus
    Posted 18 hours agoReport

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