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[58870] I Hate Tickling

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I Hate Being Tickled
If you enjoy being aren't actually ticklish. Anyone who claims they enjoy being tickled, in my opinion is not actually ticklish. Being tickled

is uncomfortable at best, and painful at worst. I cannot imagine anyone who is actually ticklish finding it enjoyable...particularly when repeatedly done.

Your sensory receptors would have to be pretty inefficient if you found the experience pleasurable. (Unless, of course you are into pain and aggravation,

that is.) Being tickled amounts to a sensory overload that causes the infamous "on the ouside i'm happy, on the inside i hate you and my anger has the force

of a septillion suns" response to kick in. I involuntarily laugh, while getting angrier and more defensive as it continues. Plus, there is also a

psychological aspect to my dislike of being tickled. In that the person tickling me is forcing me to behave in a way I wouldn't voluntarily choose to. It

makes anyone look cute and vulnerable even if they are japan's greatest ninja/the sumo equivalent of john cena/john cena/a basketball player. Who enjoys

being reminded they are weak and vulnerable? If you want me to laugh...say something funny. Don't tickle me and then act surprised when I react poorly.

I don't enjoy being forcibly made to do anything. It amounts to domination. Why should it be okay for someone to forcibly take it? I consider it terribly

disrespectful when I tell someone I don't like to be tickled and they continue to do so. So why is it that the ticklers never seem to stop when you ask them

to? It isn't funny. It isn't a game. It isn't a way to "bond" with me. I say it should qualify as a form of harrassment or assault. STOP TICKLING! >:-(

Data Annex 2: Open!

1. "Are you ticklish?" already makes you tremble with fear. You know that the moment you say 'yes' you'll be tickled. And who knows how long it'll last?
To you it's always like a lifetime. But you can not lie about it. Fear is written all over your face.

2. It's torture. This is a real thing! Sure, tickling make you laugh. All Gargalesis (As fast as it can) makes you panic to the point that you can't breathe
and you're on the verge of crying.

3. You get tickled even when people's fingers are two inches away from you. Generally, everything unwanted has to be at least an arm's length away from you
for you not to be tickled or bothered. People think you're super sensitive, but really, isn't that part of having a sense of space?

4. People will use your ticklishness as a threat. "Give me a turn on your PS3 or I'll tickle you!" "Give me your PS3 or else I'll tickle you."
And no matter how much you want to stand your ground, you can't do anything else but tell them:NO! :(

5. Your hair and your clothes can tickle you.

6. ({very[very]}rarely) Spontaneous Gargalesis ({usually} feels like Tickling with fingers, vaccum cleaner, feather, etc.)
(Almost constantly. ugh.) Spontaneous Knismesis ({usually} feels like a light electrical current of extremely low voltage is being used to tickle you)
In layman's terms, even the air can tickle you.

7. Tickling is viewed as innocent and fun when it is actually pure evil!

8. Fetishists

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