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After the recent news my husband wanted me to give him a golden shower. I was disgusted but he insisted. I pissed all over his face and he fucking loved it. He wants it again.

Help me.

Posted 1 month ago

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  • Eat lots of asparagus or cauliflower. They are known to change the odour of urine. He will never ask for it again.
    Posted 1 month agoReport
  • Wow!!! I cant get my wife to piss on me in the shower. You should be happy he asked you for it and not some wretched whore. Lucky bastard....
    Posted 1 month agoReport
  • Help you??? WOW!! You dont get it, do you???
    Posted 1 month agoReport
  • I don't get it either...this being said to the post above! WTF! Who does this and why? SERIOUSLY! WHY????
    Posted 1 month agoReport
  • OH and what recent news would compel him to want to have his wife piss in his face? Jeeze!
    Posted 1 month agoReport

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