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[58563] Harass me on the way to work

There was a guy who used to harass me on the way to work. He used to ride the same bus with his girlfriend. He used to gossip all the trash and lies talk that my manager used to feed him. He used to do this in the bus stop and in the bus in front of everybody and embarrass me in public. Then at work, he used to tell the manager that he is interested in me and at the same time he was getting engaged. He continued this even after he got married. He is an asshole and he sometimes comes and gossips crap with my manager about me. Sometimes in the past, while looking at me or while passing me he and his disgusting friend have made some very bad vile comments. One day while I was working, they both come together, looked at me and talked about me in front of me. His friend has said some disgusting things too. Every time, he used to pass by me, he used to say a vulgar comment. That was 7 years ago and He also did that 3 years ago. Then they go to the person who sits next to me and they talk in a really really loud annoying high pitched screaming voice and keep doing a drama with her to get my attention. It is so annoying. The assholes have also complained a lot about me. The assholes, who do the most harassment complain the most. I am glad the asshole now lives far away.

Posted 2 weeks ago

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  • The harassment at the bus stop used to take place right next to in front of my face. The asshole dog. If he wasn't my manager's best friend, I would have called 911, the first time on that day at the bus stop
    Posted 2 weeks agoReport
  • I also have a friend who is a constable, I should have crossed the street and brought him over.
    Posted 2 weeks agoReport
  • A lot of this stuff happened way in the past many years ago. 7 years ago, the harassment was very bad. I still get flashback. I guess it is part of post traumatic stress. I relive the harassment that took place years ago.
    Posted 2 weeks agoReport
  • He and his friend are very ugly. They are pale, sickly and skeletal. You can almost see their veins. They look like they are going through chemotherapy.
    Posted 2 weeks agoReport
  • I am not suffering from post traumatic stress, I just said that loosely earlier, but I sometimes remember the severe harassment that I faced in the workplace 7 to 3 years ago. I had to let it out. Anyways, back to something more pleasant. Screw those guys. They are rats.
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  • God is there.
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  • This is why you don't date coworkers. People in the office GOSSIP & talk, & your reputation could potentially get damaged & even your career. And that's not including the drama.

    Don't shit where you eat.
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  • damn
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  • But opiod addicts. Fuck those pasty fucks. Real men don't act like fucking dramatic tarts
    Posted 5 days agoReport

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