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[19565] Unwanted
 - I've never had the best relationship with my father. Not that we yell at eachother or disagree on every subject. It's just that our father-daughter relationship lacks... love? I just wish he showed more concern about me. It's the little things, you know... Telling his friends he prefers not knowing of what boys are in my life just because he'll...

5 hours 30 minutes 56 seconds ago
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[19563] A gift from the criminals to the consumers
 - Now people after a hard days work and spending your money on food,drink and tobacco you might be one of the lucky ones to recieve an extra ingredient.Get ready to have your heart and arteries set on fire along with glassy eyes and a bubbling brain.There are two classes of food today:those who can afford the good food and those who can't.The crap...

11 hours 55 minutes 14 seconds ago
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[19562] why do I exist?
 - I was born to abusive idiots who didn't understand that it wasn't up to me to bear the brunt of their rage and terror of everyday life, or that as my parents they had a responsibility to do something with me other than screaming at me and molesting me. When they weren't abusing me it was someone at school. Teachers, classmates, made no diffe...

13 hours 42 minutes 12 seconds ago
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[19560] My Ex Amaan
 - Damn.... i used 2 hav d best bf ever... until i broke up.... it fucking breaks my heart... tht he started smoking and drinking alcohol because of me..... he is changed a lot.... ALL BECAUSE OF ME...... all i wanted was i gud friend..... i don't know what 2 do wid this fucking life. My life sucks... his life sucks just because of me..... i shoul...

16 hours 6 minutes 39 seconds ago
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[19557] Larry Stylinson
 - Before I begin my rant, I just want to make it clear that I do support gay relationships, and gay marriage. I don't see anything wrong with it. However, I don't like it when people go around and think that whenever two guys are best friends, they're gay. I think that is the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard. Larry Stylinson. Harry and Lo...

18 hours 0 minutes 52 seconds ago
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[19553] Racism
 - I understand that racism is a big problem within the society of the United States. However, am I allowed to get frustrated when I'm constantly slaying people that have a rude and racist comment towards a race that isn't my own? I stick up for all races, I don't think anyone should be discriminated against. However, I'l be on tumblr and I'll see ...

18 hours 15 minutes 47 seconds ago
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[19548] DeathBringer
 - The only way I could ever find true peace, would be to obliterate you out of existence. Reality hasn't struck you, but it'll soon stare you dead in the eyes. Binding, Torturing, Mutilating, would only be followed by your sweet death. The reactions can only bring a smile to my face. For knowing that I was the one which took your life would be a r...

19 hours 3 minutes 42 seconds ago
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[19546] Workplace bullies
 - I can't believe that I work with such immature bitches!!! The loud mouth bitch and her side kick ass kissers. Yes I complained about you cause you walk and talk as if you own the place, and you think you can get away with snarky remarks towards me...fuck no! I have ZERO tolerance with bullies, I don't make an effort to get to work on time to hav...

21 hours 4 minutes 30 seconds ago
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[19545] Anna Kendrick
 - Anna Kendrick CLOSE YOUR FUCKING MOUTH. You'd be 10 times more attractive if you just closed your mouth once in awhile. My God I can't find more than like two pictures where she closes her mouth. You know the Terrence and Pillip song "Shut Your Fucking Face Uncle Fucker" It should go "Shut your fucking face Anna Kendrick"...

1 day 0 hours 1 minute 31 seconds ago
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